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Reynolds Retreat March 2019 News

20/03/2019 Uncategorised

Welcome to the Reynolds Retreat March update. A healthy lifestyle is so much more than going to the gym. That’s why our fitness experts curate this monthly update giving you fitness, nutrition and well-being tips, because we believe the greatest wealth is health. Become a Beauty Therapist Did you know that the Reynolds Group run training […]

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Why you should be doing pelvic floor exercises

18/03/2019 Uncategorised

Let’s talk about pelvic floor exercises. Any woman who has given birth has probably felt that sudden feeling of anxiety when they’re about to sneeze, cough, laugh or strain. Losing strength in your pelvic floor muscles gives a whole new, and way too literal, meaning to the phrase “wet yourself laughing”. Some people don’t realise […]

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Christmas Opening Times

07/12/2018 Uncategorised

Reynolds Group Fitness Spas and Retreat festive opening hours

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Hello and welcome to our newly revamped website!

27/11/2018 General

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the website; we have specifically designed it to ensure you can easily find the information you need. However it is not just the design we have refreshed, the structure is a little different too, this is to make your journey navigating the website much easier and clearer.

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Three is the Magic Number

10/01/2018 Live it

Hump day of the second week of January. Fallen off the wagon? New Years Resolution a distant memory? It happens, but it’s about what you do next that counts. It may be that you’ve tried to do too much at once, a complete cold turkey on your entire lifestyle if you will, and demotivation has surely followed.

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November Members of the Month

23/11/2017 Member of the Month

Our ‘Member of the Month’ awards for November are David and Tanya Dewberry, Richard Edwards, David Mawhinney and Martine Kay-Jenkins.

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July Member of the Month at The Retreat

07/08/2017 Member of the Month

It didn’t take much deliberation for me to nominate Paul Bunton as member of the month.

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Jemma Whyman – General Manager

26/07/2017 Uncategorised

I have been working at Reynolds Fitness Spa in Rainham now for a few months and I am really excited to be a part of the company with all the positive changes that are occurring.

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July Members of the Month

26/07/2017 Member of the Month

Our ‘Member of the Month’ awards for July are Mathy Nathan, Karen Goldfine and Jacinta Hills.

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The Most Common Reasons Why You Can’t See Your Abs

25/07/2017 Work it

#1: You have too much body fat – Before you make your abs visible, you have to burn off the fat layer. Making your abs show, is a matter of getting low body fat levels.

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We Can Recommend…

25/07/2017 Feel it

July’s product and treatments of the month from Decleor

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Superfood of the Month: Maca Root Powder

21/06/2017 Taste it

Maca is considered one of the worlds natural ‘superfoods’. Superfoods are certain foods that are nutritionally dense with extra-large doses of vitamins and minerals that can help us ward off diseases and live a longer, healthier life. They have considerably added health benefits when combined with healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

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The Reynolds Men’s Revolution

21/06/2017 Feel it

Men’s skincare and grooming has come along in leaps and bounds in the last few years with men taking a much stronger interest in how to look after their skin. With this in mind we decided to take a little more of a closer look in to men’s skin and how it differs from women’s.

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