Rainham Member of the Month

June 2012 - Member of the Month Rainham

“Last summer I joined Reynolds Fitness Spa in Rainham. Being physically disabled I wanted to prove to myself and others that I could improve my health and muscle strength.
On joining at age 24 I weighed just over 6 stone and having a rare muscle condition had very limited muscle bulk. After TLC sessions with Chris, Mark and the dedicated team I can now say that I am proud of the progress I have made. I now weigh well over 7 stone, have noticeable muscle bulk in my legs and arms. This has been amazing as before joining I was frail and unable to build my muscles.
I enjoy the social side of being a member and the encouragement that is always shown. I intend to keep on improving and one day I hope to walk without support.
I wouldn’t have made this progress without my regular twice weekly visits to the gym and the professional advice and guidance that I am given.”


Thank you.