Soup and Croutons

Nutrition Tip of the week-Portion Control

This week’s tips are all about portion control and making sure you don’t eat more than you need!
1) Firstly you need to make sure that you watch your danger foods-meaning sugary and fatty foods.
This is where supersizing is greatest; both in the portions we serve ourselves and when we buy pre-portioned meals and treats.
2) Don’t limit your veg.
Try not to make meat the focus of your meal (it’s generally the most calorific ingredient), instead allow yourself unlimited greens.
3) Do two by two.
Aiming for at least two portions of fruit in your breakfast, and two of vegetables in both lunch and dinner makes it easy to reach (and beat) your five-a- day target.
4) Shrink your plate size.
Eat from a smaller plate or bowl- it’s scientifically proven to fool your brain into thinking that you’re full when you haven’t actually eaten that much.
5) Get weighing.
Weigh out portions of pasta and breakfast cereal until you’re familiar with what makes a portion.
6) Save your treats.
When you fancy something sweet with your coffee; muffins, slices and pastries can come in huge sizes. Eat just a little and save the rest for later.

Emma Driskel-Fitness Professional @Bexley.
Photo by Ahmet Guler-courtesy of free Digital Photos.