Be The Best You Can Be

Posted: 17/12/2010

Be The Best You Can Be

This week’s tip is about how to beat your personal best when it comes to training, in these 6 easy steps.

Firstly listen to music when training.
Studies have shown that listening to music when you exercise increases workout intensity and enhances performance.

Next you will need to increase your lactate threshold.
This is the point at which lactic acid production rapidly exceeds removal.
If you train above this intensity for a period of time you will have to slow down or stop as lactic acid builds up. You will therefore need to try and increase your lactate threshold with high-intensity interval sessions.

Thirdly you will need to ensure that you recover properly.
Plan your training to incorporate rest days.
Without rest you will struggle to maintain your level of performance, and any gains will become impossible.

Next you should try and boost your stamina with fast-finish workouts.
Complete the first half of your workout at your normal intensity, then increase the intensity slightly for the remaining time.

You will also need to monitor your pace.
It’s common to overestimate your pace, especially as you become fatigued.
Using a gadget such as a GPS watch will allow you to accurately monitor your training distance and speed, ensuring you stay on track.

And lastly it’s important to ensure that you are using the correct technique.
Successful athletes are able to move as quickly as possible while expending the minimum amount of energy.
To ensure that you are using the correct technique please speak to one of our instructors who will be happy to give you advice and guidance if needed.

Emma Driskel-Fitness Professional @Bexley

Picture by JS Creations-courtesy of Free Digital Photos



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