Complex Training

Posted: 22/12/2010

Complex Training

Do you want to save time in the gym?
Do you want to hit lots of muscles and burn fat at the same time?

Try a complex set.

The idea is to pick up a barbell or a pair of dumb bells, perform several exercises after each other before you rest.
Repeat this several times.
Sounds simple? It is simple but its not easy.

Try these different sequences below:

Remember to choose a weight which the weakest movement can cope with.
You can not change the weight once you start.

Shoulder press (use dumbells or barbell) 8 reps then go to
Front squat 8 reps then go to
Bent leg deadlift 8 reps then go to
Bent over row 8 reps then rest 60 secs before repeating twice.

Dumbell Press up and row 8 reps then jump to your feet and do
Dumbell squat and press 8 reps then do
Dumbell double swings 8 reps then rest for 60sec and repeat twice

Please see an instructor for any help with the exercises you may not be sure of. Play with the repetitions and weights; more reps better endurance-heavier weights more strength.

Mark Dopson-Fitness Professional @Rainham



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