Make Fat Your Friend

Posted: 04/01/2011

Make Fat Your Friend

Over the festive period we all tend to over-indulge causing us to gain a few extra pounds.

In January we regret it, and panic when it comes to starting from scratch to get that beach body in time for Summer!

So here are a few tips about the fat content in our diets, and how to make fat your friend.

Firstly use butter for spreading, NOT margarines-even low-fat, polyunsaturated or cholesterol-lowering margarines, are high in adulterated fats.

Secondly only use pure olive oil for cooking-not sunflower, corn oil or any other vegetable oil.

While it is not a good source of EFAs, olive oil is relatively heat stable and doesn’t produce any ‘nasties’ when heated.

Avoid the following (even low fat versions) which all contain adulterated harmful fats when produced commercially: crisps, biscuits, cakes, pastries, crackers, confectionery, chocolate, pies, frozen or prepared meals, mayonnaises, salad dressings, chips, processed meats, ‘cook in’ sauces and curry pastes.

And Always Avoid ANY products containing ‘hydrogenated vegetable oil’.

Emma Driskel-Fitness Professional at Bexley.

Photo by Paul-Courtesy of Free Digital photos



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