Tip of the week-Eat before you come to the gym.

Posted: 12/07/2010

Tip of the week-Eat before you come to the gym.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and kickstarts your metabolism!

Always make time for breakfast, even if you are busy, make time, even if it’s only something small such as a banana or a yoghurt.

Your body needs energy; you wouldn’t be able to run a car without any petrol would you?

And your body is the same.

On the other hand you don’t want to eat a big breakfast before your workout as this may make you feel sluggish.

Give yourself 30mins to an hour before going to the gym to give time for your breakfast to digest.

So remember to eat something before you exercise and your energy levels won’t drop as quickly!

And always have something to eat after your workout too; you need to re-fuel that energy after your work out!!

By Kirsty-Instructor @ Rainham

Now some thoughts from Bexley

Eating breakfast is very important in order to re-fuel your body after hours of sleep, particularly if you are an athlete or perform regular exercise. This is because the level of glycogen in the liver is substantially lower in the morning after sleeping. An ideal breakfast will include all 3 macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats). Examples of some of these would be fresh fruit with yoghurt or peanut butter dip, toast with eggs and low fat cheese, or wholegrain cereals with milk.

Emma Driskel-Instructor @ Bexley

And finally the last word from Sittingbourne

Make sure you eat a meal 2 hours before training and if you’re hungry, have a snack on the way to the gym. A banana is an excellent snack option, packed with potassium and slow release sugars; you will have the energy to train harder for longer.

Amy Casey-Instructor @ Sittingbourne



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