Rainham’s tip of the week-Can I spot reduce? True or False ?

Posted: 08/07/2010

Rainham’s tip of the week-Can I spot reduce? True or False ?

The answer is..FALSE. You cannot reduce body fat from one specific area, you would have to lose weight in general, before you will see any change on a specific part of your body.

It may be that you just want to slim down your stomach, or reduce the size of your thighs! But you will not just lose the weight from your problem area straight away and there are no magic exercises that will do this for you!

A good, healthy diet, regular cardio-vascular exercise teamed with toning exercises to target your problem area, will get you the results that you want!

Genetically we all carry body fat on different areas of our bodies and it is unfortunate that the place that we want to lose it first, is usually the last place you will notice an improvement! This isn’t because you are doing something wrong, or your programme isn’t working, it just means that it’s your body’s natural way of reacting to exercise.

So keep going, you will see an improvement soon!

By Kirsty Kemp-Fitness Instructor @ Reynolds



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