Rainham’s tip of the week-Hayfever?

Posted: 01/07/2010

Rainham’s tip of the week-Hayfever?

Have you been feeling very tired and worn out lately?

Had a general all-over ache, and a pressure in your face; almost sinus like pain?

A nagging headache?

Then you may be suffering from hayfever!

Everyone assumes hayfever is a running nose, sore throat and itchy eyes, but it also includes the symptoms above!

Treatment for hayfever ranges from antihistamine tablets, nasal sprays, and eye drops to injections for severe sufferers. Several are available over the counter at chemists but worse cases need a doctors visit.

Suprisingly, training can be a good way to manage hayfever. Sweating can help to release toxins and impurities out of the system. Training helps to relieve stress and that increases your immunity. Breathing through your nose helps to filter out pollen and it also makes your aerobic usage more effective.

Chamomile tea can reduce the duration of hay fever attacks, and liquorice root helps to reduce inflammation and is both antibacteria and antiviral.

Mark Dopson
Fitness professional, Rainham.



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