Rainham’s Tip of the Week – Use your Hands!

Posted: 09/03/2010

Rainham’s Tip of the Week – Use your Hands!

The New Year brings super diets and new eating plans which after many weeks become boring and monotonous. They are often unsustainable with weight increases happening once the diet is has finished.

There are also many ideas of carbs and protein rules like no eating after 8 pm etc.

So, to keep it simple just use your hands as a guide. A hand sized portion of protein and a hand size portion of veggies is a perfect sized meal.

If you were to eat 3 meals like this and 3 hand sized snacks you will not go wrong.

A sample day will be for example:

Breakfast at 7 am
2 poached eggs on a slice of toast

Snack at 10am
Banana (hand size)

Lunch at 1 pm
Prawn salad and nuts

Snack at 3 pm
Yoghurt with an apple (hand size)

Dinner at 6 pm
Chicken Breast and Vegetable Rice

Snack at 9 pm
3 Jaffa Cakes (treat!)

Remember as long as the portion fits in your hand size you are eating enough. A handful of rice looks small but it is ideal for you.

By Mark Dopson
Reynolds @ Rainham



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