Member of the Month – Sarah Lambkin

Posted: 02/09/2013

Member of the Month – Sarah Lambkin

Our Member of the Month award goes to Sarah Lambkin.

Sarah started her Personal Training session back in March after completing The London Nightrider™ charity cycle event in which she worked incredibly hard to complete. Sarah started coming to my Boxercise class shortly after and enjoyed it so much she wanted to carry it on as an extra, so booked some one-to-one sessions with me. Sarah started progressing extremely well and her ability improved a great deal, whilst taking part in other classes to help with her fitness and stamina.

‘’I joined Reynolds Sittingbourne gym in January, as I had signed up to the London Nightrider™ to raise money for a brain tumour charity in memory of my mum. I have tried gyms before but never really enjoyed going to them as I didn’t feel that I was fit enough to be there and wasn’t really motivated to do exercise or push myself. However, Reynolds is different as the staff makes you feel really welcome and encourage you to keep going as well as showing genuine interest in how you are getting on.

My training at Reynolds really kicked off in March when I started to have Jake for Personal Training sessions, he challenged me and helped me focus on my goals. He also reviewed my diet and what I was actually doing at the gym. He picked up on how much I enjoyed combat and introduced me to Boxercise in my PT sessions.

Although originally I had just joined to get fit for the bike ride which I completed in June, rather than stopping I am now even more determined to get even fitter. Each week I enjoy attending Body Combat, Boxercise, Body Pump and Spin classes in addition to PT sessions with Jake and Lisa.”

Since our first Personal Training session Sarah has managed to lose a total weight of 1 stone 5lb!

Sarah is highly motivated and trains very hard! She still has Personal Training sessions and attends her classes which she thoroughly enjoys!

Keep up the good work Sarah!

Jake Duffield, Fitness Professional, Reynolds Sittingbourne

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