Exercise of the Month – Burpees!

Posted: 01/09/2013

Exercise of the Month – Burpees!

The Burpee workout combines standard bodyweight movements such as squat, press up and vertical jump but put these all together and the end results are huge!

You can improve your ENTIRE body strength, including your core muscles, whilst increasing your Vo2 Max. The combination cuts away fat whilst keeping your heart and lungs healthy in the process.

Simply start with these 6 movements and repeat.

  • Squat down
  • Kick your feet behind so you finish in the press up position
  • Lower your chest so you nose and chin are about 1 inch from the floor
  • Press back up to complete
  • Tuck your knees to your chest
  • Jump up high whilst clapping overhead

Try completing 10 repetitions, with excellent form, for 4 sets.
Variations can be made depending on your fitness level. For example; if you cannot complete 1 full press up. Instead try completing 4 tuck in/kick back out movements before the vertical jump.

The Burpee workout really does push your body to its limits.

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