Member of the Month – Nicola Dalgleish

Posted: 07/10/2013

Member of the Month – Nicola Dalgleish

Our Member of the Month award goes to Nicola Dalgleish.

Here at Bexley we’ve had plenty of hard-working individuals that were nominated for our Member of the Month award, so it was difficult to choose just one. However, this particular member continues to impress not only themselves with their achievements but members of staff in their journey at our Bexley site.

Nicola has been a member with Reynolds since June 2013 and what an impact she has made already. She has become a regular to a variety of classes, like Body Pump, Body Combat and Zumba to name a few. Over the last few months she has seen herself progress not only in her fitness levels but in the mirror as well.

‘’I can definitely notice an improvement in Body Combat to when I first started taking part in classes. Before I used to constantly stop to catch my breath and drink plenty of water whereas now it’s a different story. I can now take part in the class giving 100% effort throughout and afterwards feeling excited for the next one.’’

12 weeks after her first initial session with instructor Jamie Dalton, Nicola decided to get her measurements taken again.

‘’I was nervous at first when I booked in with Jamie because I had been on holiday for 2½ weeks since having my measurements done but the results were shocking!’’

In total, Nicola has lost 5kg, 5 inches (yes inches!) off her waist measurement. These measurements reflect on the hard work Nicola has put into her time at Reynolds and continues to work towards her next review.

Lauren Frankis and Jamie Dalton, Fitness Professionals, Reynolds Bexley.

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