Exercise of the Month – The 30 Minute Cardio Blast

Posted: 01/10/2013

Exercise of the Month – The 30 Minute Cardio Blast

This exercise is great for getting your heart pumping and burning off those pesky calories! With its use of low impact machines such as a treadmill and cross trainer, its not only a safe exercise but great for burning off the fat!

5 minute Rower/Cross Trainer warm up:

Go at a medium/fast pace. Choose a Speed which you find works you at a difficulty of 5 out of 10.

Main Workout:

1. 10 minutes LISS training – for this set your treadmill for a fast walking pace and set the elevation for at least 4.0 (try going higher if you can.) Stick at this speed and elevation. If you’re finding it fairly easy, add a greater elevation.

2. 10 minutes HIIT training – for the final 10 minutes cardio, drop the elevation to zero. Now increase the speed to as fast as you feel comfortable going and go for 30 seconds then jump off onto the sides of the treadmill and rest for 30 seconds, try and repeat this 10 times. If you don’t feel comfortable jumping off on the sides of the treadmill then you can slow you speed down and then speed it back up but try to stay in the 30 seconds rest period.

Cool down:

Do 5 Minutes at a normal walk pace, allowing your heart rate to fall back to normal.

5 Minutes of stretches: Triceps, Chest, Upper Back, Quadriceps, Hamstrings.

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