Happy Healthy Heart

Posted: 04/03/2014

Happy Healthy Heart

Yes we are in March and this is NOT a Valentine’s story! However, it is a love story of sorts…

One of the biggest threats to our health of course is an unhealthy heart or symptoms that lead to you developing one. Smoking is linked to around 44% of preventable deaths from heart disease in the UK. The habit leads to conditions such as heart disease, cancer and atherosclerosis – a perhaps less familiar condition which in short, is a clogging of the arteries – also caused by high fat diets and lack of exercise.

We all have our excesses and addictions in one form or another and some more extreme, but being informed about the affects they have on our bodies and our overall health and wellbeing, helps us fight these. Admitting there is a problem and gathering information about how best to deal with whatever unhealthy habit we may have is a start.

It’s No Smoking Day on the 12 March and the British Heart Foundation are highlighting the stresses that this habit can cause to your heart and as well as giving some great advice on how to cut down and reduce the impact on your health.

Our very own Rainham Fitness Spa are sponsoring an incentive led by Medway Council, who have organised a raffle alongside ‘No Smoking Day’ and their ‘Stop Smoking Service’, encouraging people to join their course to kick the habit and get fit. A representative from Medway Stop Smoking Service added:

“Everyone who uses Medway Stop Smoking Service in March and who goes on to stop smoking for four weeks following their quit date, will be entered into a prize draw. Courses last for six or seven weeks, depending on the nature of the support required, therefore, someone setting a quit date at the end of March will not complete their programme until the beginning of May when the draw will take place.”

Help Your Heart

You can start now to combat smoking related illness and maintain a healthy heart just by making a few lifestyle changes:

  • Stop Smoking: Visit the BHF, NHS or Medway Council’s site for further information on quitting
  • Exercise: You’re In the right place for that one if you are a member and our PTs are always on hand to give you any additional advice if you need it.
  • Diet: A low fat, healthier diet. You don’t have to cut out everything you love, just keep things in moderation. Again, ask our team for advice or book in for a nutrition session if you feel you need some extra help and advice.

Sources and further resources: British Heart Foundation; Medway Council; NHS Smoke Free



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