The Truth About Chocolate

Have you got a bit of a sweet tooth? Find out how many calories are in your favourite bars of chocolate.

Whether its white, milk or dark chocolate. We all have our favouties and like to indulge ourselves from time to time.

Listed below are some of your favourite chocolate bars and the calories they contain.

Chocolate Calories
Cadbury’s Double Decker 270
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk 255
Cadbury’s Dream 250
Nestle Rolo 247
Cadbury’s Caramel 240
Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut 240
Nestle Toffee Crisp 227
Maltesers 187
Creme Egg 170
Cadbury’s Buttons 170
Cadbury’s Flake 170
Twix 143
Bounty 135
Milky Way 118
Kit Kat 106