Rainham March Member of the Month

Reynolds Fitness Spa, Rainham's member of the month - March 2012

Gary Maddison

“I joined Reynolds Gym in Rainham in August 2011 to lose a few lbs and a few inches around my waist. I made a promise to myself to go to the Gym 3-4 times a week and I kept that promise. The results have been much better than I expected. I am a type 1 Diabetic and have been for 30 years. The Diabetic clinic was very impressed with the results. I have lost 2 stone since last year’s visit and my blood pressure is 120/70. At my heaviest I was 18 stone with a 40 inch waist, I now weigh 14st 5lbs with a 34 inch waist. I changed my diet and monitor my blood sugars regularly and feel much healthier and fitter for doing so. I would like to thank Chris for my fitness regime and the support and encouragement that he has given me.”

Chris Firman, Fitness Instructor at Rainham says:

“When Gary joined Reynolds Fitness Spa, he was determined to get fitter and lose weight. He works hard and puts 110% effort into his workout and to everything he does, as well as showing up his wife! He has lost 4 stone in weight and 6 inches of his waist. I’m proud of how well Gary has done and will continue to support him.”