Plank on a Fit Ball with Knee Raises

Rainham's Exercise of the Week - Abdominal Exercises

Are you getting bored with the sit ups, crunches and planks you are doing for your abs? Try these new movements to shake up your abs a bit.

Plank on a Fit Ball with Knee Raises

This exercise is very tough and requires core strength. In the plank position on a fit ball so your forearms are on the ball and legs straight out behind you. Make certain your body is lifted away from the ball so it is just your arms in contact. Then, lift one knee up so it touches the ball. Slowly replace the leg and repeat on the other side. Try to do 10.

Flutter Kicks with a Bosu Ball

Flutter Kicks on a Bosu

Sit on the bosu making sure you are just off the centre to the front. Lay back as far as you can go keeping yourself as flat as possible but not touching the floor. Lift your legs up as straight as possible so your feet are off the floor. Then start to “flutter” your feet as though you are doing a small swimming kick. Try doing 20 flutter kicks keeping the movement slow and small.

Barbell Overhead Squat

Barbell Overhead Squat

Even though this is a leg exercise, whenever you raise anything above your head you activate your core muscles. So, simply hold a light barbell above your head, arms straight and as wide as possible. Then squat down as far as possible and keep your head up. It will be difficult to stop your arms falling forward but work hard to keep them back. Then stand up. Keep repeating this movement for 20 reps.

Please remember to always ask an instructor for any help with these movements.

by Mark Dopson
Reynolds @ Rainham