Nutritional Tip of the Week -Think Purple!

Instead of reaching for an orange juice, why not try a glass of grape juice?

Concord grape juice has been the study of many medical trials for over 10 years now and the finds have been very exciting. They’ve shown that Concord grapes are loaded with various kinds of flavonoids, (a powerful antioxidant) In fact, purple Concord grape juice ranks the highest in antioxidant activity among 13 juices tested* Studies have also revealed people who consumed purple/blue fruits and vegetables on a regular basis had a lowered risk of metabolic syndrome (a condition in which a group of risk factors for heart disease including stroke, and Type 2 diabetes occur together).

To get more purple/blue into your diet try nibbling dried plums and raisins, grilling egg plant, adding blueberries to your cereal and even add grape juice to your cooking instead of red wine.

*Study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in March 2007

Amy Casey-Fitness Professional @ Sittingbourne