Plyometric push up

Exercise of the week-Plyometric push-ups

The plyometric push-up is very effective in developing the muscles used in football and Hockey. It is also the ultimate exercise to enhance the overall look of the chest.

To do this exercise you take the usual push-up position with your arms under the shoulders. Keeping the back flat, legs straight and head slightly up and eyes forward.

Inhale and slowly lower yourself to the floor. Don’t let your chest touch the floor.

Now with explosive force exhale and push off enough that your hands leave the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.
This is also adaptable by starting on your knees and falling forward to the press-up position then rapidly propelling yourself back to the start position.
Talk to an instructor if you would like a demonstration or any help with this exercise.

Chris Firman Fitness Professional @Rainham