Take up juggling!

Posted: 20/05/2011

Take up juggling!

No, not the ball throwing variety – I’m talking food juggling instead.
Juggling the ingredients of your favourite meals by reducing the carbohydrate content slightly and increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables can be a highly effective way of cutting calories and controlling blood sugars whilst doubling your nutrient intake into the bargain.

For example, a spaghetti bolognaise made in the usual way of frying mince and onions, adding a tomato based sauce and serving on top of a plate of spaghetti amounts to approximately 600 calories.

If however, you juggle the ingredients by using 50% less meat and spaghetti and add in more vegetables in the form of peas, sweet corn, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms and grated carrot (which dissolve within the cooking process to give the tomato sauce a fabulous, smooth, rich, velvety texture) you’ll not only create a far tastier, healthier, more filling meal, you’ll halve the calories to approximately 300 per serving too.

Apply this process to all your favourite meals and watch your waistline whittle away.

Martyn Neaves-Fitness Professional @Sittingbourne

Photo by Carlos Porto-courtesy of Free Digital Photos.



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