Push 100

Exercise of the Month – Push 100!

Similar to our April exercise of the month, the ’30 Day Squat Challenge’, we have a different, shorter workout to try out, especially for those who have missed a few days of squats.

This is called the 100 workout, why is it called that? Well you start with 100 reps then work your way through different challenging exercises, changing the reps until you reach 10 at the end.

There is no time limit so take this at your own steady pace. Complete this circuit 3 times for your total. For more advance athletes, or those who want to really push themselves, try working your way back up to 100 reps again repeating the exercises with whole 1 minute rest before starting your next set.

Beginner: 1-2 a week
Intermediate: 3-4 a week
Advanced: 5+ a week