Update – Fighting Fat Club at Sittingbourne

Posted: 09/09/2009

Update – Fighting Fat Club at Sittingbourne

Sittingbourne’s Fighting Fat Club has now been running successfully for over six weeks with a regular show of fifteen plus members every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Members work out as a group for an hour in the gym, the pool and in the spin and aerobics studios.

Please read the biography from Sandy, one of our Fighting Fat Club members

“On having a long telephone conversation with Ellie, the GM at Sittingbourne, telling her how I felt and my fears and insecurities about joining a gym, Ellie went on to tell me that on 13th July she was launching a club for like minded people 3 times a week to participate in supervised activities with the emphasis on healthy eating, exercise, toning and fitness.

How glad I was that I made that call! I jumped at the chance as I would not be “going it alone” which is very daunting. My first big achievement was “getting through the door” because in your mind “you don’t fit in”. With all shapes, sizes and ages you are all there for one reason – to feel healthier and get fitter. I work hard, have a laugh, get great encouragement and motivation from the staff and a BIG sense of achievement when the scales go down and my clothes are too big.

I have gone from being a shy and very self concious, unconfident person to a much more bubbly person who holds her head up now and “goes for it”!

I never thought I would say that I actually “enjoy” going to the gym, but I do.

So, “go on, don’t delay and join fat club today” and you won’t look back. See you there soon!”

By Sandy

Join Ellie, Sittingbourne’s General Manager on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 pm for a group workout.

Please leave your details at Reception if you wish to join the club.



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