The wonders of Siberian Ginsing

Posted: 28/07/2011

The wonders of Siberian Ginsing

This week’s tip is about the herb Siberian Ginseng, which helps to reduce both mental and physical stress and reduces fatigue. It is usually available in tincture, capsule and tablet form, and is best taken in the morning as it increases mental alertness and energy levels. Here’s a list of how Siberian Ginseng can help you:

Anxiety and depression– the adaptogenic benefits, owing to the presence of the compounds lignans and iridoid glycosides, are believed to stabilise mood and create a sense of wellbeing.

Stress– the adrenal glands are responsible for releasing adrenaline, and when we are under stress we produce more of this, leading to more stress, fatigue and exhaustion. Classic Russian studies found that Siberian ginseng helps to support the adrenal glands and reduce adrenal fatigue.

Stamina and energy– the herb may increase physical endurance and stamina, and studies carried out in Russian showed that athletes benefited from its effects. It is also a great remedy for people who suffer from chronic fatigue and low energy. Memory– the adaptogenic properties of Siberian ginseng may also help improve memory and concentration, so may be useful for those who study.

Immune function– according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, USA, the herb may help prevent common viruses such as colds and flu, and shorten the duration of infections. In fact, Russian studies suggest it can reduce susceptibility to colds and flu by as much as 40 per cent.

Emma Driskel- Fitness Professional



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