Sugar Rush

Posted: 20/05/2014

Sugar Rush

Too many Easter eggs = way too much sugar… but is that the only place we are overloading sugar from?

We all know that consuming too much sugar can make you gain weight. Extra sugar your body does not immediately required for energy can easily be converted to a type of fat that stores around your waist, hips and thighs.

Sugary beverages such as soft drinks and fruit juices, are the worst offenders as they are empty calories in an eating plan and can actually make you crave more sugar.

For one week, swap these drinks with a glass of water and see what improvements it can make to you within your diet, concentration levels, weight loss and healthier looking skin.

Along with this mini detox why not try and mix up your workout slightly. Instead of doing your cardio first, do your weighted exercises and then cardio. This way you are already in your fat burning stage when starting cardio, so that 20 minute bike ride will be far more effective for you and you should have more energy for the weighted exercises.

Remember to always warm up thoroughly before a work out, cool down and stretch off after you have finished.



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