Spa Improvements at Sittingbourne

Posted: 16/09/2011

Spa Improvements at Sittingbourne

On 5th September 2011 we will be moving the café area in reception to allow an expansion of the pool/spa area.

We will be adding in:

Heated loungers – The heat generated soothes tired and aching muscles and helps relieve tension it tight areas. Can be used to raise body temperature prior to commencing heat treatments in the sauna and steam rooms.

Monsoon Shower – The 30+ litres per minute of water offers a unique hot and cold experience, with a tropical rainforest effect and essence creating a unique experience.

Ice Station – To be used as part of the heat treatment process after sauna and steam room use to help remove toxins and fat from the skin. Also helps decrease pain and swelling with injuries and some conditions such as arthritis. Invigorating and refreshing for the skin after heat treatments.

Foot Spas – Soaks away the days aches and pains from tired feet. Aqua jet foot massage stimulates the foots reflexes to release tension and soothe tired feet as well as stimulates the circulation.

Improvements should be completed in October 2011, and your subscriptions will remain at the current levels.

Please send your friends and family along when we are finished, and allow us to show them the amazing quality and value for money that we offer.



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