Sittingbourne’s Member of the Month-Phillip Hollier

Posted: 25/08/2010

Sittingbourne’s Member of the Month-Phillip Hollier

Congratulations to Phil who was voted member of the month by several members of the fitness team at Reynolds Sittingbourne. He is dedicated to his own training and has also been very helpful to other club members and even the staff!
Phil trains most days and you are likely to find him in the free weights section working hard and also having a chat with the members.
Sittingbourne Gym staff.

Phillip’s blog.

I started training some 6 years ago because of a weight problem. At the time l was nearly 18 stone and because of a road accident I had badly damaged my ankles and the extra weight I had gained was impairing my recovery.

I decided to do something about it and started training. I had a boxing background and used some of the [HIT] methods to help with the fat burning and eventually got down to 14 stone. I am pleased to say that I have maintained that same weight, and now I’m training hard to tone my midsection (to lose the spare tyre round my waist!)

I train at Reynolds 4 times a week, doing 2 body parts each time. I find this more beneficial than doing full body workouts. l never do the same exercise each week l always change it by using the dumbbells in a different position or maybe supersets ……I try to keep the muscles guessing!

I also look to train until fatigue, and ignore the amount of repetitions. I call them “attempts” (this is best done with lighter weights). l also include 30 to 45 minutes of cardio after each weight training session, and train this way at least twice a week using the [HIT] method.

The Gym

I have heard it said that “a smile is the curve that sets things straight”- Well that’s what happens when you first enter the gym- you’re set straight to begin your training with a smile and a “hello” from the team.
I find the staff to be very professional and the standard of the gym to be second to none; in fact we’re very spoilt & pampered gym members!

All the best –Phil.



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