NOT ENOUGH TIME is not an excuse !

Posted: 26/08/2010

NOT ENOUGH TIME is not an excuse !

Do you think you need over an hour in the gym to get results?

Then life intrudes; work needs you to stay late, the children are on school holidays and need looking after, food shopping needs doing, washing needs doing, you’re tired and the list goes on and on.

Suddenly fitting in an hour gym visit 3 times a week seems impossible.

But you can get just as an effective workout in a 20 minute session than an hour session if you train right.

This idea is based on “Parento’s law”, which found that 80% of profits are generated by 20% of the company.

This is from the economic area of study but it’s been discovered that it holds true with training.

In most team sports the majority of work/effort is generated by 20% of the team. This is true of training programmes; 20% of most programmes generate 80% of the results.

So, if we can eliminate the waste from your programme, we make it more effective, and then you can cut your time down in the gym.

First to go are any single joint movement like tricep dips or bicep curls or side raises, any movement that target the small muscles are a waste of time.

Next to go is any steady state cardiovascular exercise lasting more than 30 minutes; tends to become tedious but it’s also ineffective.

Endless variation of ab work is time consuming and ineffective if you’re able to do more than 20 reps without feeling it.

Some of the best ab exercises are ‘surprisingly’ press ups and chin ups as your abs are working very hard to stabilize your body!

So try this abbreviated programme instead to get the most out the gym and to shorten your time in the gym:

15mins interval CV X-Trainer or Treadmill

5 mins easy level, then 1 min very hard and 1 min easy
Make certain the hard level is tough

Chin ups (Assisted if needed) and Press ups

Do 5 chins and 10 press ups, then 4 chins and 8 press ups, and so on till 1 chin and 2 press ups
No rest between reps just keep going!

Dumb bell Squats and Dumb bell Lunges

Do 10 Squats and 10 lunges then 8 each then 6 each than 4 then 2 each
Use the same dumb bell on each exercise which is heavy.
No rest just keep going.

Plank Challenge

Hold a side plank then the front plank and then the other side plank.
All for 20sec each.
Rest for 30 secs and repeat it 2 more times.

All body stretch to finish

Use the power plate if you can.

By Mark Dopson.Fitness professional @ Rainham



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