Rainham’s Exercise of the Week – Pick & Mix Training

Posted: 18/11/2008

Rainham’s Exercise of the Week – Pick & Mix Training

Want a quick workout?

Fancy a little change from your usual programme?

Try pick ‘n’ mix training

Write down some exericse, times and reps on different pieces of paper, fold them up and put them into 2 jars (one for exercises and one for times and reps) – for example step-ups, rowing, lunges, power plate, squats, crunches, running …. 2 mins, 5 mins, 15 mins, 5 reps, 10 reps, 12 reps etc.

Pick out 2 pieces at random each time until you have 10 pieces of paper and that will by your programme for the day, eg. cycling – 10 minutes, press-ups – 1 minute, crunches – 12 reps etc.

Performing short bursts of exercise will help to improve your fitness and the variety of different exercises will make your quick workout an interesting alternative to your programme!

Please see an instructor for ideas and help on any exercises you have not tried before.



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