Rainham Member of the Month – Dave Richardson

Posted: 10/09/2009

Rainham Member of the Month – Dave Richardson

Congratulations to Dave Richardson, Rainham’s Member of the Month for September.

There are two reasons for naming Dave as our member of the month. Firstly is that he is a very friendly dedicated member who joined us on 1st November, 2004 training consistently and is known by many other members.

Secondly, Dave has changed his training programme and has achieved the following results in the last 5 months:

Body Fat 17% down to 15%
Total Weight 87 kg down to 85 kg
Fat Weight 15 kg down to 12 kg
Muscle Mass 68.8 kg up to 71.5 kg

Dave has worked very hard over the years and you can physically see the changes, all his hard work has paid off.

Well done Dave and keep up the good work.

Reynolds @ Rainham



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