Protein Shakes!

Posted: 31/03/2011

Protein Shakes!

Protein is an important nutrient needed by everyone on a daily basis.
Protein is made up of essential and non-essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for healthy bodies.
Protein has a number of different roles in the body:-

  • Repair body cells.
  • Build and repair muscles and bones.
  • Provide a source of energy.
  • Control many of the important processes in the body related to metabolism.

Protein shakes are usually consumed after a work out to give your body the nutrients it needs for a quick recovery.
When you workout wether it’s cardio or weight lifting, you are causing small amounts of damage to your muscle tissue.
The body can repair this damage but it needs the proper tools.

The Tools your body needs to repair damaged muscle tissue is mainly protein. Protein is used as a building block for muscle tissue.
If your body doesn’t have access to protein, it won’t be able to effectively repair damaged muscle tissue and instead of getting stronger, you will get weaker.
If protein can be described as building material; carbohydrates are the workmen that put everything together.

Why not try mixing your protein/whey powder in with a smoothie?
They take less than 5 minutes to make and are packed with nutrients and super foods.

Here are 2 to try…

Ultimate Power Smoothie
(number of Powerfoods: 5)

1 cup milk
2 tablespoons low-fat vanilla yogurt
3/4 cup instant oatmeal (nuked in water)
2 teaspoons peanut butter
2 teaspoons whey chocolate or banana powder
6 crushed ice cubes

Very Berry Smoothie
(number of Powerfoods: 4)
3/4 cup instant oatmeal, nuked in water or skim milk
3/4 cup skim milk
3/4 cup mixed frozen berries
2 teaspoons whey powder

Rachel Porter-Fitness Professional@Rainham



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