National No Smoking Day

Posted: 20/05/2014 | In Category: Live it

National No Smoking Day

National no smoking day is 30 years old this year. Originally started on Ash Wednesday 1984, its main purpose was to encourage the population to give up smoking for one day a year. In 1984 27% of the country’s population smoked. You might think that’s a lot but compared to 80% in 1950, we have made considerable strides to cut smoking out of our lives. Over the past 30 years cigarette advertising has been slowly eradicated from sporting events and a few years ago the one famous icon of the British pub – the cigarette machine was banned. When you add the banning of smoking in public places and even the 1988 Olympics declaring itself a ‘smoke free games’ you can see how society is waging its war on smoking. Today only 20% of the population smokes.

Reynolds is proud to partner Medway NHS and support local people to give up smoking. If you are a smoker or know a smoker who wants to cut down or cut out smoking then contact your local GP who can refer you to a free programme within the NHS.

Exercise is a significant factor to helping overcome the pangs of desire for smoking and it will certainly reduce the unfortunate side effects of weight gain which most people experience when quitting. Our gym teams are fully equipped to help you with personal training sessions which will help overcome the obstacles that ‘quitters’ face.

Come and speak to your teams now. You won’t regret it.