Member of the Month – James Rutter, Sittingbourne

Posted: 18/02/2013

Member of the Month – James Rutter, Sittingbourne

This month’s Member of the Month, goes to our worthy Sittingbourne member James Rutter.

James is such a very highly motivated person, he is constantly in the gym keeping himself in shape and improving his overall performance, which he thoroughly enjoys. He has been doing this since 2009.

James was at the peak of his fitness and was training hard when, unfortunately, on the 14th may 2012 he was involved in a road traffic accident. The outcome was that he broke his tibia and fibula. James came to me for advice and guidelines to help him progress and strengthen his leg muscles, to get his mobility back. I set him up with a programme designed to help overcome his injuries and which best suited him and his abilities.

Following his programme every time he has been coming to train, James has progressed quickly and is very happy how things have worked out.

James still has far to go, but I am confident he will be back to normal given time and he is a pleasure to train. Here’s what he had to say:

“I started training at Reynolds in November 2009. The reason I wanted to train was to get fit, my goal was to live longer. I worked hard to achieve my goals and was doing well until I had a traffic accident on 14th may 2012. I broke my tibia and fibula in my leg. I was in plaster for fifteen weeks and couldn’t walk for a further month after that.

I put my membership on hold during this time. When i eventually got back to the gym I had to start all over again with help from Jake. Jake set me up a programme which I followed religiously, gradually increasing the difficulty level as I improved. I am now able to walk with a limp, although I have a long way to go, I know that I will get there with the help of the Reynolds team.”

Personal Trainer: Jake Duffield, Sittingbourne



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