Get Rid of Those Bingo Wings!

Posted: 12/10/2009

Get Rid of Those Bingo Wings!

Fed up with those flabby upper arms?

You don’t have to be overweight to have flabby upper arms, unfortunately fat will naturally accumulate there and you will gradually lose skin elasticity through the ageing process …

… but you can get rid of them!

Try these simple toning exercises for your triceps and you will soon see a difference!

  • Start off with diamond press ups

Place your thumbs and fingers so they touch each other, forming a diamond shape and perform your press ups as normal (you can do half press ups to start with). By placing your hands in this way you will put more emphasis on your triceps. Perform 15 reps.

  • Then 15 tricep kickbacks on each arm

Tricep Kickbacks

Place your left knee on the bench, making sure it sits underneath your hip. Place your left hand on the bench too making sure it is placed directly under your shoulder. Holding a dumbbell in your right hand, pull it towards your armpit, keeping your elbow close to your body, slowly extend your right arm out straight behind you and back again, keeping the elbow close to the body then swap arms.

  • Then 15 tricep dips

Start off by sitting on the bench placing your hands next to you nice and close to your body. Gradually walk out a couple of steps so that you are squatting in front of the bench, bend your elbows so that you are lowering yourself to the floor and extend again – keep it nice and slow and make sure it’s your arms doing the work and not your legs!

Finish with repeating the tricep dips and press ups on the powerplate putting the settings as high as is comfortable and feel the burn!

Remember to stretch your triceps when you are finished – they will be less achy the following day.

By Kirsty Kemp
Fitness Professional, Reynolds @ Rainham



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