Exercise of the Month – Squat Challenge

Posted: 12/04/2013

Exercise of the Month – Squat Challenge

Squat Challenge

Are you thinking about getting beach-ready for the summer? If so, we have a simple 30-day squat challenge that can help you do just that.

The squats are done using just your own body weight (no dumb bells etc) and must be completed with strong technique. Follow this simple plan and see how fast you get results.

You need to start with your feet shoulder width apart, standing tall, looking straight ahead. With a fluid movement squat to the point where you can keep your back straight, this is very important. Push through your heels and then return to the standing start position ready to repeat. It is important to breath regularly throughout
the exercise.

Squat Chart

Why not book some sessions with our personal trainers to get the most out of your fitness regime, plus if you haven’t used them already, take a look at our free online fitness tools where you can calculate things such as your BMI.

Jake Duffield, Fitness Professional – Sittingbourne



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