Don’t Be Late for Summer! Here’s Our 5 Tips for Great Summer Skin

Posted: 05/05/2017

Don’t Be Late for Summer! Here’s Our 5 Tips for Great Summer Skin

Are you that person who is always covering up when the sun comes out?
Always envying those bronzed beauties on the beach whilst on holiday?
Well worry not, Reynolds is here to help you look your best this holiday season!

1. Scrub, scrub, scrub

The better you prepare your skin for the sun the better your skin will look. Exfoliating helps to lift off dull dead skin cells improving the micro circulation of the skin encouraging fresh healthy new skin cells and giving your skin a healthy glow, and contrary to belief it will not rub off any existing tan it will make it look better! Exfoliating also increases the benefits of everything else that you put onto your skin by up to 30% as they won’t have to soak through all your dead skin to get to the fresh new skins cells underneath so you are getting the best out of all your other lotions and potions. Try our Product of the Month, Decleor’s 1000 grain scrub with grapefruit and orange peel, to really lift and waken the senses and Pearl sugar to gently refine and smooth away dead dull skin cells.

2. Water is everyone’s best friend

Hydrated skin doesn’t just come from what you put on your skin it comes from what you put into your body too. The environment we live in has a massive impact on our skin, free radicals and pollution cause our skin to breakdown and reduce its ability to withhold water by drinking at least 2 litres of water a day will help towards a fresh dewy complexion as well as helping your body to work in harmony with its self. Believe it or not drinking water has a multitude of positives for your body including flushing your body of toxins and helping to reduce water retention and relieving bloating.

3. Give your skin some comfort food

Invest in your skin and it will invest in you. Try applying a pre-sun oil on your skin in the weeks building up to your holiday – we love Decleors Aromessence Solaire which helps to stimulate your melanin producing enzyme Tyrosinase meaning you tan faster but this clever little oil also strengthens your skin helping it to defend its self-better against the harmful effects of the sun reducing the aging effects sun exposure can have on your skin. Use this oil 2 weeks prior to sun exposure and then throughout your holiday under your sun creams to add extra protection and to promote a healthy natural tan.

4. Protect Your Skin

Sun care isn’t just about stopping the risk of burning it’s about protecting the damage that sun’s rays can do. The sun produces 3 types of UV rays:

UVA – Ultra violet A “UV Aging Rays” – These rays penetrate the deepest into the skin all the way into the Dermis in fact (the lower deeper layers of the skin where the skin produces itself), and are responsible for the long term skin damage and photo ageing. They cause premature aging, wrinkles and Sun spots.

UVB – Ultra violet B “UV Burning Rays” – These are the cause of sunburn these rays penetrate the Epidermis (the upper layers) of the skin and they have different strengths throughout the year being weaker in the winter seasons and much stronger in the summer. UVB rays are the most common cause of Skin Cancer.

UVC– Ultra Violet C – These are the deadliest of the solar rays however our Ozone layer stops these from reaching the earth.

By using a good high quality sun cream at all times, but even more so during the hot summer months and when directly exposing yourself to the sun you will reduce the risk of the harmful skin aging that comes with sun exposure and you will ensure your skin stays looking healthy and is well protected. All Decleors Sun creams contain UVA and UVB filters together with a DNA Protection Complex made from Vanilla and Jasmine extracts to protect and prevent premature ageing, then you have Rose Essential Oil to boosts the skin’s natural defences and Sol-collagenine anti-ageing complex to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Sun Friendly super foods!

Did you know certain foods can help to improve your skins defences against the sun?

Foods such as Tomatoes and other red and orange fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants that help to increase the skins own natural SPF Lycopene, by eating these foods you can boost your skins natural sun protection by up to 30%! Green Tea is another fantastic anti-oxidant with Polyphenols and combine it with omega rich fish you are giving yourself a fantastic anti-inflammatory boost as well. Dark chocolate can also help to strengthen your skin against sunburn and caffeine has also been linked with reducing the risk of skin cancer.



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