June Members of the Month

Posted: 21/06/2017

June Members of the Month

Our ‘Member of the Month’ awards for June are Sharon Johnson, Heather Brook and Roy Parker.

Bexley Member of the Month

Sharon Johnson

Sharon has been a member of Reynolds for 3 years. Whilst she has always been active throughout her life and exercises she has been using gyms consistently for the past 10 years or so. Sharon enjoys classes and currently does kickboxercise, insanity and vipr classes regularly. Previously she has also attended body pump and body combat. Sharon has now been training with Dan for the last 4 months. Her aim was to improve her fitness levels and lose body fat. Sharon has seen some very impressive results so far. In the first 12 week review she managed to lose an amazing 3% body fat, maintain her lean mass which resulted in her losing over 23cm in body measurements!
Sharon enjoys coming to the gym and trains every day Monday to Friday. Sharon plans on continuing with her hard work both with Dan and in the gym and classes on her own to maximise her results.

“I love coming to Reynolds as I find the staff so welcoming and friendly. I really enjoy the variety of classes that I do here and I’m so pleased with the results I’ve seen over the last few months since training with Dan.”

Well done Sharon for your results, keep up the hard work!

Rainham Member of the Month

Heather Brook

Heather has been a member since September 2015 and in this time she has achieved a huge amount. She attends classes every week and always pushes herself above and beyond to achieve her goals. Heather joined us with less self confidence, and sometimes doubted that her fitness levels would cope in class. She has proven herself and achieved so much. Heather’s stamina has improved a lot; she is much stronger than she was and now has the ability to do things she never thought she could, even proving herself wrong and now being able to conquer burpees.

Overall Heather has lost 5.5 stone and a total of 15.4% body fat. She has also lost a total of 41 inches from across her body, Including an amazing 10 inches from her waist. Heather has completely re shaped her whole body, and improved her overall health and fitness.

We would like to congratulate Heather on all she has achieved; she is a valued member of the Reynolds and a real asset to the club. She continues to drive herself to achieve goals and is a real inspiration to others.

“I really enjoy coming to the gym. The staff are very friendly and helpful. They give great advice to help me achieve my goals. I have lost 5 ½ stone so far and most of that is body fat. Without the staff I do not think this would be possible. I love going to the classes as the trainers really make you work and give great encouragement. I am very grateful to all of them. I have met some great friends through the gym. It is definitely the place to be.”

Sittingbourne Member of the Month

Roy Parker

Roy Parker has won the award of the member of the month, as he has excelled in many classes especially Keiser Cycling & Core Ball. He has been a member for years and has progressed massively!

Members of the Reynolds team say;

“He is a pure gentleman.”

“He’s a lovely, quiet & unassuming character who just gets on with his workouts & excels with them all”.

“Great lover of an Americano.”

Roy’s overall friendly persona, determination & consistency to succeed is an inspiration to everyone.



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