Posted: 22/09/2008


BODYATTACK is a simple, high intensity group fitness class that’s fully optioned to cater for all levels incorporating high energy sports training moves for cardiovascular fitness, along with upper and lower body conditioning exercises for building strength.

A Typical Class

BODYATTACK is designed around a 55 minute two peak format with 11 music tracks, each with a different exercise focus to challenge your cardio fitness and stamina.

Warm Up – The focus in the opening track is on big, simple aerobics moves to get the body warm.

Mixed Impact – This track will take you through an increasing range of moves and footstrikes, preparing the body for the aerobic action ahead.

Aerobic – A range of movement to get into your personal trainig “zone” ahead of the peak track to follow.

Plyometric – The first intensity peak, putting the body under load through quick fire plyometric exercises often used in sports training.

Upper Body Conditioning – Time to bring the heart rate down and recover, as well as building strength. The focus here is on shoulders, chest, triceps and core conditioning work for toning and shaping the upper body.

Running – Loosen up again with some free and patterned running and get the legs ready to fire again.

Agility – It’s now time to test your speed and agility with a big mix of moves with some class interaction.

Interval – Challenge your cardio systems with a series of work/recovery blocks.

Power – The final peak where you dig deep and push through powerful moves for maximum effort.

Lower Body Conditioning – Time to recover the heart rate while conditioning the lower body for great shape, condition and tone.

Cool Down – Congratulations, you made it. Time to recover and stretch.


For best results try three BODYATTACK classes a week. BODYATTACK is for everyone with moderate fitness levels. Because the moves are simple you don’t need to be especially well coordinated.

BODYATTACK burns lots of calories for a leaner body and will tone and shape your body.



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