Bexley’s Nutrition Tip of the Month

Posted: 04/03/2010 | In Category: Uncategorised

Bexley’s Nutrition Tip of the Month

4 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up!

1. Stay hydrated – if you don’t hydrate your body by drinking fluids you will begin to feel sluggish. Water is vital for your body to produce energy, digest, absorb and transport nutrients.

2. Eat well – maintaining a healthy diet with fresh, minimally processed foods will give you drastically more energy than a diet of mostly processed foods.

3. Daily exercise – as well as eating right you still need to exercise as well and this should be on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be a major workout but try to squeeze a bit of time in every day, even if it is just a brisk walk on a treadmill.

4. Limber up – no matter what your fitness levels, stretching is an important part of staying energised. It improves circulation, posture, coordination, flexibility and strength. Making sure you are always stretching comfortably within your own limits, not until a point of pain.