Bellapierre Cosmetics at Reynolds Beauty

Posted: 30/09/2009

Bellapierre Cosmetics at Reynolds Beauty

Have you ever wondered how the Hollywood stars always have such flawless skin?

Hollywood makeup artists rave about the incredible coverage of the mineral powders. Skincare professionals use to only use mineral foundation for special cosmetics needs, but because the results are simply astounding, it is quickly becoming the makeup of choice for all professional makeup artists. You too will be amazed at the beautiful, natural coverage you get with BellaPierre cosmetics™ Mineral Makeup.

First comes the purity. BellaPierre cosmetics™ Shimmer Powders are made from a 100% pure mica. Mica is found in nature as silica sand, which is abundant in nature. Next to oxygen, it is the chief elementary constituent of the earth’s crust. It is split into microscopically-thin transparent sheets and then oxidized at various levels to provide the broad line of colours available from our line.

Mica is 100% hypo-allergenic. It will not irritate even the most sensitive skin.
Women love colour, but they want their makeup to look natural. This is exactly what BellaPierre cosmetics™ delivers – a product which, by itself, looks subtle and yet makes the skin glow with a natural vibrance characteristic of youthful,and healthy skin.

Purity also explains the ultra-smooth texture and easy mixability of the BellaPierre cosmetics™ Shimmer Powders. Forget about creasing and clumping. Even the sheerest of applications goes on smooth, creamy and consistent.

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Other cosmetics are “stretched” with a variety of fillers to bulk-up the quantity of the product and the margin of profit. Not only do these products cause caking and creasing, but sometimes they can even cause skin irritation, rashes, and allergic reactions. Too often the unknowing customer is left not with the beautifying colour they were after, but with a very expensive addition for their trash can. Just ask any woman – you’ll not find even one who hasn’t at some time found out (too late) that some expensive cosmetic item they had purchased turned out to be sadly unacceptable. We believe that our customer wants and deserves purity, quality and a good value for their money.


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