Be More Active in the Gym

Posted: 09/07/2009

Be More Active in the Gym

The standard training formula is to rest between your sets. This rest is normally taken by sitting down. But, if you were to do “ACTIVE REST” then you will burn more body fat and get better results.

So try this instead of just sitting!

If your main training is chest press then do a bent over dumbbell row during your rests. The active rest exercise should be a light weight, it should not be as heavy. It should be just an auxiliary movement.

Or, try doing an abdominal exercise like the plank in between the main movements.

Or, do a rehab exercise like some shoulder joint work.

Or, simply walk about during the sets.

This way you can cut back on your gym time and train more effectively.

The chart below shows some ways to combine your training.

Main Movement
2nd Movement
Alternative 2nd Movement
Chest Press Bent over row Plank
Chin ups/lateral pulldown Shoulder press Crunches
Leg press Leg curl Side Plank
Bicep curl cables Tricep extension cables Cable crunches

Cable Crunch

For any help or ideas please see an instructor.

Mark Dopson
The Old Parsonage at Rainham



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