Tip of the Week-Just a little exercise and"Stress Less"

Just a little exercise a day

Recent studies have shown that up to 10,000 cases of bowel and breast cancer could be prevented each year if people did just 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. The World Cancer Research Fund says that there is increasing evidence to show that people who keep fit have a lower risk of developing the killer disease.

Stress Less!

Studies have also revealed that Mid-life stress can increase the risk of women developing Alzheimer’s disease. Women who reported repeated episodes of stress and anxiety in middle age were up to twice as likely to develop dementia as those who did not. Stress was defined as a “sense of irritation, tension, nervousness, anxiety, fear or sleeping problems” lasting a month or more. Exercise reduces your adrenaline levels and triggers the release of endorphins – hormones which kill pain, lift spirits, and help your body to get back to normal after stressful periods. Enjoy your time at the gym and help to make stress what it should be: a brief helpful response to a challenge rather than a permanent ball and chain!

Amy Casey-Fitness professional at Sittingbourne