Three is the magic number

Three is the Magic Number

Hump day of the second week of January. Fallen off the wagon? New Years Resolution a distant memory? It happens, but it’s about what you do next that counts. It may be that you’ve tried to do too much at once, a complete cold turkey on your entire lifestyle if you will, and demotivation has surely followed.

To get you back on the wagon of ‘New Year, New Me’ we’re suggesting 3 small changes. Just 3. By this time next week you are guaranteed to feel better about your chocolate and booze relapse, because you’ve actually achieved something. You can, of course, pick your own, but here are 3 that come highly recommended by our Personal Trainers.


We all know that our body is mostly water right? Well, being made up of about two thirds water, our bodies cry out for the glorious clear liquid, you just need to listen. The brain will trigger the body’s thirst mechanism (which can sometimes be confused with hunger!), so all you have to do is listen. Make this goal achievable. If having a 2 litre bottle of water on your desk makes it feel like looking up at the Empire State Building, then start with a tumbler or glass, just make sure you refill it. This will also give you an excuse to get up and move around! The benefits of drinking water are endless, you’ll feel more energised, your skin will clear up, your digestive system with thank you and it can even help with weight loss.


A small and relatively inexpensive change, and one you don’t even have to think about. There have been over 50 studies on the effect that eating from a smaller plate has on consumption. When you combine all of the studies it shows that reducing the plate diameter by 30% actually halves the plate size and can lead to a 30% reduction in the amount of food consumed on average.


When you’re eating, eat. Don’t sit in front of the television or whilst you’re doing anything else. Look at what you’re eating and enjoy it! Notice what you’re eating and chew your food. Digestion begins in the mouth, not the stomach! You’ll find you enjoy your food more and you’ll be fuller afterwards.