This week’s tip is all about hay fever.

With streaming noses and itchy eyes…. it must be spring, so here are a few tips to help tackle your hay fever symptoms.
*Pycnogenol*this antioxidant pine bark extract may help reduce the symptoms of birch pollen allergy. For best results take for five weeks prior to hay fever season.
Probiotics- a UK study found that eating probiotic yoghurt helped to boost immunity and reduce the severity of pollen allergies.
Quercetin- Japanese research reports that this antioxidant-found in apples and red onions-may prevent immune cells from releasing the chemical histamine, which causes allergic reactions in your body.
Spirulina- this is a superfood that Turkish research has found helps reduce the severity of hay fever symptoms such as a runny nose and itchy eyes.
And lastly, Acupuncture- a trials published in Allergy found regular acupuncture helped reduce hay fever symptoms.

Emma Driskel-Fitness Professional@Bexley