Gabby Manvell

SWEATSHOP-free fitness evening.

Sweatshop Maidstone will be hosting a free fitness evening at our Sittingbourne club on Wednesday 15th September 5pm-9pm.

A gait assessment technician will be present with video gait assessment equipment and there will be a full size run of test shoes to demonstrate their effectiveness.
Observations and advice will be available concerning running technique; both the POSE method and CHI method, from trained staff.

There will also be a running injuries clinic; giving you advice and solutions to keep you running and help you recover from injury faster, with common running injury advice from an injury specialist.

General training advice also available from a UK athletics coach.

Two fully trained bra fitting ladies will come along to help you ensure you don’t damage your bust.
They will have a full set of sample bras of all types and sizes and will give 15% off all bras ordered and paid for on the night. Payment to be made by debit/credit card.