Press Ups


To make every movement you do more effective, learn to pause during the movement. This stops the momentum and forces the muscles to work harder. It stops everyone from cheating on the repetitions!

So, as an example, when you do a press up, pause at the bottom of the movement, chest just off the floor with your head up and eyes fixed about a foot away. Then you push back up to full extension. Try to keep momentum out of the equation.

Leg Press

Doing a chest press, pause with the weight just off the stack before you press away. Shoulder press, pause before you press up. When using the leg press, pause before you press away. Lateral pulldowns, hold the weight down for a split second before letting the weight travel back up. Chin ups – head above the bar, pause up there before lowering.

Keep it slow and deliberate as you move the weight. It may mean you will not lift as much as you did but don’t worry as the benefit is greater.

By Mark Dopson
Reynolds @ Rainham