New Functional Trainer at Sittingbourne

New Functional Trainer in Sittingbourne

Brand new to Sittingbourne is our functional trainer, designed to give an all over body workout.

The functional trainer is a multi purpose, multi function resistance machine. Unlike other resistance equipment this single machine can accomodate an array of over 200 exercises suitable for the every day gym user to elite athletes.

It has a central colum which houses all the necessary attachments and exercise ideas.

Whether you are rehabilitating an injury, improving your core stability or trying to enhance your sporting performance the functional trainer can help you achieve those results.

Functional Trainer

With the help of one of our highly qualified fitness professionals you can take your fitness achievements one step further. If you want to improve your golf swing, penalty kick or just tone up, this is the machine for you.

It is designed to compliment our existing equipment and gives our members the ability train one side of the body at a time or both with its barbell attachments. For those who like to work that little bit harder, the pull up attachments have an array of different positions and a rock climbing style grip to make the most dedicated of gym users work that bit more.

Functional Trainer

Remember please ask a member of our team when using this equipment for the first time.

Roi Larrett
Reynolds at Sittingbourne