Exercise of the week from Rainham

Are you looking for a new way to train your legs?

Then try the ankle strap attachment for our cable cross over machine.

It looks like a small weight lifting belt and it simply straps around your ankle. It has a metal D ring to attach the low cable to it. Then off you go try these:

Knee lifts ( hip flex and quads muscles) 10 reps @ 2kg Attach the cable facing away from the cable machine

Straight leg reverse extension (hamstring and glutes muscles) 10 reps @ 2 kg Attach the cable facing the weight stack and pull leg back.

Side pass (adductors and abductor muscles) 10 reps @ 2kg
Attach the cable onto the side and sweep the leg across your body from left to right

Weighted chin ups (lats and biceps) Any number of reps possible @ 2kg Attach the cable and perform chin ups.

Weighted crunches (abs and obliques) 10 reps @ 2kg Attach the cable and perform crunches

Remember all exercises are performed on one side at a time so you are working your core constantly as you balance. Do not go too heavy as you will lean over and compromise your core and back. And remember to do the same on each side to maintain a balanced body.

Please see an instructor if there are any problems.

Mark Dopson-Fitness Professional@Rainham