Downsize your dinner service.

To avoid feeling hungry or deprived try eating off a smaller plate. Researchers at Cornell University found it really does work! They took a group of 85 nutrition experts—a population with extensive education about healthy eating habits and gave them either a 34 oz. or 17 oz. bowl.

They were then invited to serve themselves from a selection of different ice-creams.

Interestingly, the nutrition experts who had been given larger bowls served themselves 31% more ice cream resulting in an average calorie intake of 225 calories compared to the 144 calories eaten by those with smaller bowls.
This only goes to show that, because we automatically eat approximately 92% of the foods we put on our plate, switching to a smaller one and ordering child or starter sized portions in restaurants really is a highly effective way of tricking ourselves into eating less without feeling deprived.

Martyn Neaves-Fitness Professional @Sittingbourne.