Green Tea

Anyone for Tea?

We all love a nice cuppa, so it’s always good to hear the news that it’s actually helping our health too.
Scientists in Iran reported that daily consumption of black tea was ‘significantly’ associated with a lower risk of coronary problems, while a second study published in the journal “Appetite” has found that black tea may improve attention and alertness.
“Drinking more than three cups of black tea each day” was associated with a significant reduction in risk of coronary artery disease in the first study, while in the second, “just two cups of black tea a day improved the ability to focus attention on the task in hand”, said Dr Carrie Ruxton of the Tea Advisory Panel.
Emma Driskell Fitness Professional @Bexley

White Tea & Green Tea
These natural leaf teas benefit your body in many ways.
Green tea has been proven to help fight against atherosclerosis, LDL cholesterol,
cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, weight loss and even halitosis!
White tea has been proven to help towards preventing ageing and to promoting healthy radient skin. It helps guard against the commom cold and reduce stress. With so many health benefits this is the perfect afternoon tea!
Rooibos tea is not only good for you but helps with things such as asthma, allergies, dermatological problems and even infantile colic.
Oolong tea is a great preventative against osteoporosis, heart ailments and weight gain-a great slimming aid!
Rachel Porter-Fitness Professional @Rainham